So...about that new Jeezy...

Harvey Levin, give me a job.

So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple days, you've probably heard that Young Jeezy (above) has been hit with a lawsuit for "Me Ok." Per the lawsuit, Wisconsin rapper Big Chris (real name Christopher Syrrakos) actually put this song out five years ago, under the name "13 Shots." Now, I'm not TMZ. I don't like to go in on "rumors" and the like. However, a quick Google search of "Christopher Syrrakos" brings up the TMZ page and the Def Jam/Jeezy suit. It also brings up several court cases against him (along with a poorly-written page on his record label; at least if you're gonna "lie" about having a label, use proper English). Most of these cases, per reading through them, have "Big Chris" being evicted and slapped around with fines with someone I'm going to assume is/was a girlfriend.

I'm no expert, but a "rapper" coming out of the woodwork, claiming copyright infringement, who's only records (in any way, shape, or form--he's not even on Soundclick) are court records? It doesn't look good for Big Chris's chances. Especially since, you know, the song or his album are no where to be found. Another search on the US Copyright database for "Christopher Syrrakos" shows that there are no results to be found. And a search for "13 Shots" showcases nothing by Big Chris. So, unless this copyright was just written on a piece of cardboard, and "copywritten" through the "I'll just send this to myself in the mail" foolishness, I've only got one thing to say.

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