@TeamDAR - "Don't Trust 'Em"

Since True reviewed Death of the King, it's only right that I put my reviewer hat for the first official Genesis single. And, besides, it gives me a reason to post cheeks on the blog that aren't stripper-related.

Produced by yours truly, @TeamDAR returns with the first official single from the Genesis mixtape. Through a song that, on its surface, is just a turn-up song about not trusting "these hoes," True God, Shokus Apollo, and DAR newcomer Black Axel manage to still impart knowledge. My personal favorite verse on here would have to be Apollo's--mainly because it takes the aggressiveness of True's first 16 and combines it with the relaxed-to-aggressive nature displayed through Axel's 16. Flow-wise, Axel's Mystikal-like flow will most likely catch you off-guard if you're not expecting it, but still manages to drive the point home that, well, not all people are to be trusted. Overall, the song with its anthem-like nature, has been heralded as "something different" from the DAR camp, representative of (pardon the pun) the genesis of a new era of Team DAR.

Genesis, featuring tracks from True God, Shokus Apollo, myself, and Axel, will be available on September 21st.

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