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Title: Cooley (@YoungYellow47) - "Crazy"
Author: Speed ontheBeat
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Cooley of the  Fly Rebel Society (@FlyRebelSociety)  released his first single, "Crazy,"  off of his first solo project,   #47 ...

Cooley of the Fly Rebel Society (@FlyRebelSociety) released his first single, "Crazy," off of his first solo project, #47. Featuring Tupac-as-Bishop-from Juice quips, Cooley flows effortlessly over a chill, turn-up beat. The track reminds me of a more moody "0 to 100." Cooley lives up to his namesake, hitting hard on the beat like a block from former 'Skins tight end Chris Cooley. Stream after the jump and, as always, remember that the skies ain't safe.

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