An Interview with Raven Felix: Valifornia Edition

If you remember last year, I interviewed a young woman by the name of Raven Felix. In the year since, Raven's made a pretty big splash in the game--even getting a co-sign from some legends. But, you didn't come here to hear me talk/see me type. I do enough of that on my (upcoming) album (shameless plug).

SOTB: So, since the last time we did one of these, what all has happened? I see you've gotten some major looks from sites such as Complex and even got a co-sign from Snoop Dogg.

RF: Just been grinding it out, ya know? Finished Valifornia [due out 8/18], and just have been working my ass off, people peepin' that, I guess (laughs).

SOTB: Nice. Valifornia drops the day after my birthday! But, has anything changed for you personally? Like, any new muses for music? 

RF: I think I'm starting to really shape myself and my voice. And you know I wasn't even 18 when "Work Drink Fuck Sleep" came out and I just turned 19 on August 1st. So, I think I'm just growing out of certain things and growing into others and wanting to display different sides of my self which a lot of that will be on Valifornia. New muses for music? Hmm, I I loved YG's new album [My Krazy Life], and I think Nicki makes me want to be better everyday, for sure.

SOTB: So that feature, right? How'd that come about? Was it because of your features on Sway's show or something completely different?

RF: It was something completely different! 

SOTB: (Laughs) As a matter of fact, how did it feel hearing Sway shout you and your name out on his show?

RF: It was suuuuper dope, what more could you want? It was super unexpected and really made me feel dope.

SOTB: How has it been, adjusting to people knowing your name? No matter how prepared you think are for it, I find people still get shocked when people know them.

RF: I don't think it will ever NOT be shocking to me. I swear, the littlest things amaze me. I couldn't prepare myself for going to parties and people knowing my name and knowing my music without me having to mention anything. It's a beautiful thing, though. For sure.

SOTB: What inspired the name of the album? 

RF: Where I'm from, of course! I grew up in the Valley, hence the "Valifornia" title, the Gr818! I was Valley-raised and we haven't always been the coolest place on the map. But ayyy, I'm trying to put us on [as] only kids in the valley know what it's like here. [W]e are a proud place full of proud people and we're all very connected, The San Fernando Valley is my home.

SOTB: Now, going back to "6 in the Morning," [Raven's latest single with Snoop Dogg] I rocked with the "unofficial" video. Any video that can incorporate punk rock imagery, hip-hop, sleekness, and--dare I say it?--sexuality (without being overly sexual) into one is fine by me. When are we gonna get the official treatment?

(Seriously, the video is fire, guys. And not just for the visuals.)

RF: (Laughs) Thank you! I like that you noticed all that! Snoop is on tour right now, but we should be getting to the official video in the next month or so!

SOTB: What should we expect from Valifornia, now that we've gotten a taste of some of it? 

RF: Valifornia not only has a peak into where I'm from but also peels back layers about myself and my personal life. I have songs that detail my situation growing up, relationships in my life and--of course--good old-fashioned "lets get fucked up and have fun" songs. It's a huge peak into who I am, and I'm very excited to share that intimacy with the listeners, I want people to connect and know that I'm just a normal person with a past and with dreams and flaws and that they can relate and vice versa. Life as an 18 year old girl!

SOTB: Any advice for other artists trying to get noticed/recognized for their talents?

RF: Put yourself out there and never be scared. Sometimes, the craziest, most far-reached goals can turn into reality. Mine certainly did. Just keep pushing yourself to become better, and put those songs up and make those videos! The grind never stops.

SOTB: Any final thoughts?

RF: Just one. Make sure to get Valifornia when it drops, 8/18!

There you have it, guys. Be sure to cop Raven's Valifornia when it drops 8/18/14. And, as always, be sure to check out my Death of The King when it drops the day before, 8/17/14. All I've gotta say is two dope albums are one hell of a birthday present for me. Ok, I'll stop now.

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