Odd Combos in Hip-Hop (And a Trigga Review)

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A couple weeks ago, as I'm sure you've heard by now, Snoop Dogg and PSY (yes, the "Gangnam Style" guy) dropped a collaboration called "Hangover." To say the very least, it was an odd song. The video, however, was even more trippy (and made some potentially half-correct statements about the drinking culture in Korea). So, it got me thinking about some other odd combinations in hip-hop. Below, you'll find a few with reasons as to why they're considered "weird." Take note that "combination" can also, for the intents and purposes of this post, refer to an artist who has released a rap album/song that you'd never expect. Also, some of these, they're just not very good.

Run DMC featuring Aerosmith - "Walk this Way"

One of the first rap-rock collaborations, "Walk this Way" these days would seem somewhat pedestrian. But during the 1980s, rap and rock were seperate entities. The collaboration was one of the things that brought hip-hop to the mainstream, so odd as it may've been at the time, "Walk this Way" was--and is--a monumental track. 

Wyclef Jean featuring Kenny Rogers - "Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate"

I am kind of speechless on how un-horrible this one turned out. That's not intended as a shot, more so a recognition of the situation. Kenny Rogers on a hip-hop track talking that real gangsta ish and advising DJs and producers to keep their music on the real doesn't seem like, on paper, it'd be a decent track. But, it proved better than Coolio's version. Sorry Coolio. The album that this track came from, The Ecleftic 2, was...well, a very eclectic album (it even featured The Rock).

Randy Savage - Be a Man

Speaking of hip-hop meeting wrasslin', (Macho Man) Randy Savage, in 2003, decided to drop a rap album, Be a Man. It's exactly what you'd expect--a fifty-something wrestling legend, whose match with Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III is still considered one of the greatest of all time, dissing Hulk Hogan and paying tribute to Mr. Perfect. However, the album hits most rap tropes with ease. Flow-wise, it's still atrocious and it's lyrically simplistic to high heaven, but there are worse albums. Like John Cena's album.

DMX featuring Marilyn Manson - The Omen

I won't post the track here, so you'll have to take my word for it. While it fits (DMX is talking about the son of the devil, Marilyn Manson has done some "satanic"-like music, and they're both viewed to be sometimes off their rocker), it's still a bit jarring to hear Manson do his Manson things over a hip-hop-tinged instrumental. You can read more about the track here.

Brad Paisley featuring LL Cool J - Accidental Racist

If you've followed my musings on Thee Arteest (What up man?) you'll know I've brought this song up a few times. It's still a weird combination and possibly one of the worst songs of all-time, mostly for its schmaltzy, matter-of-fact, gee-whiz approach to racism in the South. On the "or nah?" meter, this is a definite "or nah." Judge for yourself. I've tried to embed the song several times, but every time I did so, my computer legitimately crashed from the sheer WTH factor of this song.

Speed's Brief Trigga Review

Last week, I had the chance to check out Trey Songz's Trigga album. As a DMV native, Trey gets props for making it. However, the album itself doesn't really break new ground. It's solid, but just as August Alsina's debut earlier this year, it has a lot of "been there, done that" moments. At least, just like Alsina's album, the "turnt up" factor is high. The album's made for the radio and the club. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it seems Trey's at least perfected this style of rap-tinged R&B. Guest spots from Nicki Minaj and (gasp) Justin Bieber are some of the high points of the album, aside from its now-familiar, but now-perfected formula. If you liked Chapter V, you'll either love or like this album. If you're not a fan of Trey's Kellz 2014-like persona, you'll probably skip this, plain and simple (and probably hate Trey for interpolating R. Kelly on the aforementioned Nicki collabo "Touchin, Lovin"). Stream the edited version below. For some reason, the edits of a few albums this year have trumped the explicit versions for me.

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