New Music from Triple (a/k/a "Stu Madoff")

(Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this track do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of Speed on the Beat. The artist posted has presented this song as part of his approach to music, and is part of his Stu Madoff rap persona. Listener and viewer discretion is advised due to potentially sensitive subject matter.)  


I love posting new music, especially from artists that I've watched transform/grow up. If you recall, last year, I dropped an interview with artist Triple a/k/a "Stu Madoff," a Jewish rap artist (yes, this is important) with an interesting approach to his music. By interesting, I mean solid but potentially highly controversial because of his (explained) use of the epithet "kike" in his lyrics.

Fast forward to today and Mr. FKA has released a revisioned version of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like." Like I said, if you're easily offended, it's probably going to not go down as smoothly/come off as self-hatred. I, at first, was pretty uncomfortable with it, as well. But, the guy's improved a lot since last year musically and his persona is actually pretty fun/analytically-based when/if you get past his word choices.

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