@LupeFiasco - "Toca Tuesday" Freestyle

Now, I'll probably get crucified for this. I can see it now. "Speed, you like when Lupe dumbs it down and spits on average n-word foolishness, but don't like 'real Lupe.' No wonder you and him had words on Twitter. You're underneath him, and you're a dummy." And to that, I only can say this. 

I like Lupe and respect his music and his thoughts. The guy's probably a pretty smart dude. But, when he was on his "I'm taking myself extra/way-too-frigging seriously" tip, he came off as a preacher and pretty elitist. That's what I took offense with over everything else. If you're going to be a leader, lead! Don't preach about stuff, as that often leads to the message being lost on those you're trying to lead--and you end up just reaching the choir instead of those in the pews.

With that said, it seems like Lupe's starting to have fun with music again. And through this, he's also dropping some dopeness. Above, in his "Toca Tuesday Freestyle," Lupe makes a return to that tongue-twistingly articulately abstract artist (say that three times fast) we grew to love back when he first came out. Even with some "average" freestyle-like bars interspersed, the guy was able to produce a freestyle that's thought-provoking and head-bobbingly epic.

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