@Jay_IDK - "More" Visuals

"...Fucking with white boys at UMD, got me gettin' drunker than the crowd at UFC," states Jay IDK in the visuals for his new track "More," which has its worldwide release today. The track, off of Jay's Sex Drugs and Homework collection, is part smoker's anthem, part retrospective track about how experimentation and the like are normal for young people, regardless of the repercussions later on. The song has a lot of head-nodding moments that make the message go over smoothly and doubly.

The visuals are pretty dope, as well. It features imagery reminiscent of what you'd expect from a small party among the 18-25 crowd (think "I Love College" without the bro-ness, and more chill, like, well, some UMD house parties. As a UMD alum, I'd know). The scene from 1:45 through 2:00 is hilarious. I won't spoil it, though. But, I will say this bit of hilarity accompanies the mantra of "ignorantly delivering knowledge" quite nicely. It also comes out of nowhere. And even though it's a smoker/party song video, it still manages to be different, especially through that segment and its not-so-colorful party scenes.

Just like I said within my Boi-1da.net write-up on Jay, if he keeps this up, he and the HXLY TRIBE've got a bright future in front of them.

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