True God - "Indie Circuit" (Snippet)

For True's thoughts on the track, check it out here.

Now when True came to me about this EP, I was both hyped and cautious. I mean, an EP based on wrestling can either go horribly awry or magically right. After talking with True about some of the details, I was assured that it'd go the latter versus the former. I started going through themes I could flip. I wanted to use the Razor Ramon theme, but Wale beat me to that one. So, I figured hey, let's dig into the wrasslin' crates even more. Out comes Daniel Bryan's first theme, right around the time he came back to WWE after being dismissed for choking out Justin Roberts and spitting in Cena's face.

Daniel Bryan's still over like pretty much no other at this point, even with him being out on injury. People want something DB-related. And, I being the person I am, I'm not just going to sit up here and flip "Flight of the Valkyries," because that's easy. So, that's how listeners are getting their [effing] heads kicked in on this one-verse snippet about the indie circuit. And, since Daniel Bryan's one of my most-respected talents out there right now, I've got to do something epic for the guy.

If only I could get Jim Johnston to consider taking me under his wing to do remixes/remakes of WWE themes...

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