OB OBRIEN x Drake "2 On/Thotful" and "Hazelton Trump"

Now, y'all know I cringe at the word "thot," mostly because it's become one of the most overused hip-hop-centric words in recent memory (see: "swag," "based," "Mustard on the beat, ho!," etc. for more examples). However, this track? It's probably going to be a pretty decent summer anthem. OB's laid-back flow and delivery fits this track so well.

The second OB-track dropped today, "Hazelton Trump," is pretty dope, too. I like that he has bars, but doesn't take everything so damn seriously. His flow allows for more of a conversational-like track. Plus, any song that's aided by a repeated mantra of "she let [him/me] fuck it and record" is okay in my book. Because, heck, who hasn't wanted to make their own tape? Hi Mimi.

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