La Roux - "Let Me Down Gently"

Well, today is a great day for music. Now, most people'd never guess this, but I've been waiting for this moment for years. I first heard "Bulletproof" driving back from the mall and instantaneously fell in love with its 80s-tinged electronic vibe. La Roux was, simply put, a bit before their time in regards to retro acts. And I fucking loved it! As a testament to this, I play their debut album to this very day, unabashedly. Fast forward five years and the first single off the upcoming Trouble in Paradise album is here. It picks up exactly where the first album left off, but also features a more mature sound (both in regards to production and lyrics/vocals). It's better to let these sorts of things speak for themselves. So, check it out. I will say this, though. It's happy depression and cautiously optimistic heartbreak. In other words, beautiful.

Trouble in Paradise drops July 7th, 2014.

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