Not So Social Media, Part Six: Conclusion

It's come to my attention that, since posting part five of my series on social media, I came to a rushed conclusion of my thoughts and findings. Because of that, I offer up a proper conclusion to the series. No, this is not an act of redaction for anything that I've said or have offered up. If anyone raises issue with my thoughts on the topic, I'd be more than happy to discuss them (in a civilized manner, of course; I love a good discussion). If anyone's made their accounts private or what-have-you as a result of my thoughts, my purpose in the previous five posts was not to shame anyone, catfish anyone, hurt anyone, or put anyone's sexy Vines on blast. I am a journalist (kind of) and a opinionated person, but my opinions on topics are grounded in a general truth and an overall respect for humanity and self-expression--as long as it does not infringe on anyone else's right to exist peacefully. May peace and blessings be bestowed upon you all, even those who wish ill towards me because of my opinions.

-Speed on the Beat

After five posts, I began to speak on the allures and purpose(s) of social media. As stated, everything's an agenda. However, how you can twist and manipulate that agenda for betterment is a goal of social media. In some ways, it's the only goal. In the instance of gaining "friends," one can use these friends to either:
a) create some fantasy world where they are popular and "friends" with Wale,
b) utilize these friends to promote (sparingly) your own skills and talents and use this "friend zone" to create a fanbase/an epicenter of demand for your skills, be they music, comedy, advice, Candy Crush tactics, et cetera or
c) catch up with friends to stay sane/keep a healthy social presence (this can be achieved through either chatting with someone on Facebook or meeting up with people from social media--as long as they're not stalking catfish). With regards to the Reinas of the world, they fit in here just fine. Regardless of if you use sexuality to comment on sexuality and Puritanical norms, or use sexuality how sexy you feel, some of these commentaries would not be possible without social media and social networking. In other words, the whole thing is a necessary evil in a world where one can be undone with a few keystrokes.

Yes, even trolls (can) have a (real) purpose. And, no, it's not just to piss Wale off at a WWE event, or be that guy who (maybe) punched CM Punk and got punched back (or ducked behind the guy who got punched back, depending on the version of the story you heard in 2012). Punk's still my favorite jerk in pro wrestling, because the guy seems the most like himself inside and out of the ring. I don't know how well we'd get along in real life, but I'd like to think we'd have some interesting conversations, and none'd be about wrasslin'. #WeMissYouPunk.

But, I digress.

I began the "Not So Social Media" series as a bit of an expose. It started as a "hey guys, social media is the devil, so let's let it burn" crusade of sorts against this somewhat-intangible thing. It began, somewhat, as a call-to-arms against technology and how its capability to ruin lives and create generations of techno-slaves, a la the "Crackberry" meme/phenomenon. At the end of things, as mentioned, it turns out social media is a necessary evil. It is a tool that, if used sparingly and used "correctly," can create great discussions and thought-provoking debates.

...But, who's to say one person's correct is universal?

It's not. Nor will it be, and, in some ways, nor should it ever be. If we, as humans, held every thought as a universal truth, life itself would be quite monotonous. As long as we hold established universal truths close and approach with an open mind (but one with, you know, common sense not to fall for something like pro-genocidal propaganda), social media can--and will continue to--revolutionize the way the world works and the way that people learn from themselves as others. Just as the telephone and television before it, and just as the written word before them, social media has untapped potential for global betterment.

...the power is yours, my friends. Use it, for good. Don't just be

-Speed on the Beat

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