Does Roman Reigns Need a New Finisher?

I've been hearing this on some message boards. One of the most dominantly-booked wrestlers in one of the most dominantly-booked stables in a while, Roman Reigns of The Shield, may need a new finisher. Why? Apparently, to some, his Spear finisher is sloppy. Yeah, you read that right. Roman Reigns, the guy who played defense at Georgia Tech, who helped (his cousin) The Rock get back in wrasslin' shape, who possibly has one of the most insane-looking spear renditions in recent memory (usually delivered right after that MMA-inspired Superman punch) has a sloppy spear.


That's like me saying that Kurt Angle, gold medalist Kurt Angle, has a sloppy ankle lock. Or Brock Lesnar, UFC Champion Brock Lesnar, has a sloppy kimura lock. The guy's been pretty much trained on this sort of thing for years. Yeah, it's different legit tackling versus WWE-style "spears," but not as much as you'd think. Why else do you think Goldberg's spear finisher looked like one of the most devastating things, even when it wasn't sold properly?

Reigns is a power guy. So, a power guy needs a power a spear. It's not like we're looking at Daniel Bryan or something. Reigns isn't going to just start springboarding into people for the win. He's over six feet, and over 250 pounds. It's damn near impossible for him to do something so aerodynamically impressive. So, I, for one, would rather see him mow opponents down by appearing to cut them in half.

With that said...his Spear on HHH last night was...a bit awkward.

But this one ain't. (Thank you WrestlingWithText)

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