7vnseal - Sanctified Artillery EP

What a way to kick off post 201, right?

Editor's Note: In advance, I'd like to apologize to all of 7vn's fans that've happened onto my site and find some of the subject matter less than appropriate. The page (like me) isn't for everyone, but I have made some efforts to clean up my delivery (even if the subjects are still too "out there" for some; that's just who I am, and my opinionated nature won't change--even if what I've opinions and thoughts on does). I hope you don't look at 7vn differently for reaching out to me to check out his new project and spread the word of it. I also hope that you don't look at me sideways for how I've presented myself.

Now that the disclaimer is out the way, let's get into things. For those that've followed the blog for a while, you'll remember a few months ago, I reviewed 7vnseal's Stop the Invasion album. It was my first introduction to 7vnseal, and thankfully, not my last. The album presented as a sort of "Christiancore" rap album, referring to efforts to spread and speak on the word as war-like. Sanctified Artillery picks up where the first collection left off and continues the struggle. One of my favorite tracks from the EP is "Surrounded by Light," especially because of his beat selection to assist his message. The EP is coming soon, so be on the lookout for it when it drops.

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