#Thanatos128: Part Two (The Beginning)

Click the S-DAT to purchase your copy today. #MakeShinjiProud. I will donate a portion of all sales of "Thanatos" to DMV-based charity efforts (just like I did with Songs For... and my contributions to the #WillRap4Food Movement).
It's been two days since "Thanatos (Stories Through Music)" dropped on the world. So far, it's gotten a lot more buzz than a lot of my tracks, which is a doubly good sign. I guess people are feeling the "lessened no-fi" feel and the powerful, profound, yet slightly simple message? It's either that or people are starting to wake up to the Speed on the Beat persona. Or maybe, people identify with my journey and because it's more understandable, audibly-speaking, people are able to rock with it more? I don't really know, but it's pretty cool to see people showing the track love. I just hope I'm able to duplicate and top the success I had with Songs For... and its respective singles.

This time around, I took some (more) of my own advice, built up a buzz, disseminated my track out to people that'd at least give it a look, and let everything work out. Like I said, we're two days in, so nothing's set in stone. But, it's an exciting time to be a Speed on the Beat fan/follower. A few radio stations have played the track, including #DMVLifeRadio. I haven't blown the bank on marketing (though I have dropped a couple pennies, because you can't expect everything to be free these days).

Sorry for rambling, but it's just pretty cool to get a thought out there and legitimately have it start to take off. This is only the beginning.

If you're confused about what I'm talking about within this track, click this link (it's my Rap Genius annotations on the song).

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