#Thanatos128, Expanded Upon

So, in case you've been living under a rock (or, like many people, aren't exactly aware of my other skills), I make music as well as blog about others' productions and such. That's why I'm able to say "Dear Internet Rappers" and not come off as an elitist prick...by that much. Anyhow, yesterday, I decided to announce some information about the first single from my next project, the aptly-titled "Thanatos (Stories Through Music)," along with some promotional art (seen below).

Now, here's some more nitty-gritty on this shrouded-in-mystery first single. The song, in a snippet form (read: one verse) was featured on my last album, Songs For... and revolved around "rebirth through death," a common concept in religion, spirituality, and all that good stuff. It's also partly a basis of my "Songs For... Trilogy." This concept in some ways appears in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, which serves as inspiration for the S4 Trilogy among other SOTB-related projects. For those unfamiliar with the series, check out this link. In short, it's a lot of psychological mindfucks boiled into one series (the creator was dealing with some psych issues himself). With humanoid armor suits. And teens awakening and shit. 

One quote in the series stuck out to me, the one repurposed and reimagined in "Thanatos." 

In episode 19, sometimes titled (in English) "Introjection,"* as the main character, Shinji, is questioning what he should do in a dire situation (one that, ultimately, sets up the uber-clusterfucks and such), his mentor/father figure tells him:

"But you...you have something that you can do--that only you can do. No one is forcing you! Think for yourself and make that decision by yourself. Think about what you have to do now. Think about no longer having any regrets." 

That quote! So loaded, especially for SOTB-related purposes. Let's dissect, so we can get a better understanding of what the song itself will encompass. 

I have always been reluctant to take my position as a leader, not because I didn't trust myself or didn't know any better. I wasn't sure if I wanted the burden of being a leader, a prophet, a "god among men," or what have you. Through these albums, I've come to realize that, hey, I'm not perfect, but no one walking this Earth's surface is. Through our flawed perfections, we, as humans, are truly made in God's image. As such, it is encoded in our selves to be leaders--even if we all do not lead. It's something that we can do, but we must decide where and how we will lead. 

We cannot be forced to lead, to be awaken--just as I could not be forced to see that my bad life decisions were, in fact, bad. That's something we've got to learn on our own. And, while we're doing it, we've got to let our guards down. No self-righteous fuckery is allowed, lest we desire our journeys to be tainted by pride. We also cannot allow ourselves to run away from our problems or allow introjective behaviors to become who we really are. In other words, in the journey to become a whole self, we can't just prattle along and say "oh, this is too hard. So, I'll just act more like 'Tough Guy' over there and not talk about it" or what-the-fuck ever. 

However, if we do slip up and fall along this path, we shouldn't have regrets about it. We can only learn from our mistakes, something that I've been attempting to do for myself and attempting to teach to others through my music. "Regrets" is also a track from the #TeamDAR collaborative mixtape The End is Coming, so "Thanatos" is another way of bringing everything full-circle and ascending to that place where I want and need to be for the next phase of my life.

"Why are you here," a voice asks.

"I...reclaim what's rightfully mine. To be happy among Man, part of you must die. But part must remain to tell the Scriptures to prove it. That's why we did this...to paint our stories through music," was my response.

"Thanatos (Stories Through Music)" releases January 28th, 2014 on all major digital outlets. More information on the album that "Thanatos" appears on will be revealed shortly. If you made it through this dissertation of a post, and support the vibe, feel free to retweet this, use the "#Thanatos128" hashtag, or whatever you feel's appropriate.


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