My Markout Moment of the Year (So Far)

As a wrestling fan, I know that it's not "real," and all that other crap. But, I'm able to suspend belief, get behind a wrestler, and--occasionally--mark the fuck out like a little kid when something awesome and legitimately surprising happens. Thus is the magic of kayfabe and wrestling: you know it's scripted, but you watch because, like people with their Scandal, you want to see what happens to the person you've been watching develop. And, just like Olivia Pope and company, WWE still manages to get me to, well, mark out about stuff over those details that make you lose your mind.

Last night was probably the most awe-inspiring moment I'd witnessed in WWE in a long time, potentially even more so than The Rock coming back the first time in 2011/2012. Now, as I'm sure you're aware, last night was "Old School RAW." So, we got our "wooooooo" quota, our random Ron Simmons appearance (sadly, no "DAMN!" moment), and a couple moments where the past and present collided, such as the awkward-ass Sgt. Slaughter dance break after he refereed the Khali/Sandow match. We even got to get even more clusterfucked by the "Daniel Wyatt" storyline. All that paled in comparison to the end of the show.

After The Shield Roman Reigns speared the living holy bejeezus out of CM Punk, I thought the show was over. I was about to turn from USA and watch something else--anything besides the NCIS: LA marathon (because I despise that show with a passion). However, I heard a familiar theme pump out my speakers.

And I completely lost my shit!

The crowd did seem a bit confused as to who Jake was, but I didn't give two shits about the crowd. I was like "ZOMFGJAKETHESNAKEISONMYTVANDHESGOTTHESNAKEHESGOTTHESNAKEOMFG" and had the Ambrose grin on my face, because I knew. I knew that I'd witnessed something that I never thought I'd see again. Not only was the match impressive. Not only did Reigns get one of the biggest pops of the night. Not only did I get to see Billy Gunn and Road Dogg still prove that they could kick some ass themselves. I got to see Jake the Snake. With "Damien." On live TV. In 2014.

Only thing better would've been seeing it live, but some personal issues came up. 

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