A DMVixen Two-Fer (Featuring Fly Rebel Society and Marco)

Vee, you're too good to me.

Over the past couple days, I received not one, but two epic project from her.

The first, Temporary Forevers from Marco, is different from a lot of R&B EP projects these days. There're no strip club anthems, but for what some may think it lacks in booty-popping music, it makes up tenfold with heart and honesty. My favorite track on the project is "Smoke and Fog," partly because of its John Legend-like flip of Tank's version of "Can't Make You Love Me" and mostly because of its message.
The second project, a new track from the Fly Rebel Society entitled "Who I Am," features a different sound than the FRS's last project. Featuring production from Diamond Style Productions, the anthem-like track illustrates another challenger for the throne. Plus, anyone that can wrestle in a Chris Jericho reference (see what I did there?) and doesn't completely make a fool of it gets a bonus point from me.

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