@TrueGodImmortal - Growth Over Time

We've got another "Brother From Another" exclusive. During the recording of Soul REvival 2, we both fucked around with the idea of flipping an OutKast song, just for the hell of it. Eventually, that idea was delayed, just because of time restraints and the fact that we're both perfectionist assholes who don't like halfassed shit. With that said, I took some time away from producing, to mentally recoup and finish up some academic things. During that period, True began to announce and hype the #Three7One project he was working on, which features production from @OldBeatsRecord (a hell of a producer, by the way. Check him out) along as myself and a couple other cats.

As it seems to be, when it came time to get that emotional-ass song out there, True and I sat down and went over ideas. Sure enough, the OutKast idea kept popping up. First, we tried "Jazzy Belle" and found that it was way too brooding of a flip. Then, I, on the side, attempted to flip one of the Speakerboxx/Love Below tracks that wasn't "Hey Ya!," and still felt like "this is some shit." (For more on the process, check out True's recollection of the everything)

Then, we reached the "Thirteenth Floor."

The flip, a simple loop with minimalist drums and a great build-up (both beat-wise and lyrically), allowed True to go in on the track in a way that was part "Isolation," part "God, Religion, and Women," and part "Reminiscent," while still being new, innovative and more mature. This track sets the vibe for the album, which is slated to drop Saturday, March 15, 2014.

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