Not-So Social Media, Part Three: The Reina "Situation"

Greetings, all. (Yeah, we're bringing that back)

Now that the re-re-re-re-RE-introduction is out the way, let us begin.

It's 2014. Well, almost. And, to begin my 2013 close-out, I took a sabbatical from social media in mid-November, to clear my head and buckle down for grad school finals. I also wanted to, you know, avoid going through parts one and two of this series. I actually met people, talked with friends on the phone and in person. And, it felt good. When I returned, so-called "Black" Twitter was going apeshit for two things. First, this Vine (the author of which I attempted to get an interview with to figure out the MO, and was probably declined/ignored had the chance to interview, but, because many reasons, I had to end up deleting the interview) posted by a supposed college student:

The second was Kanye West and his perceived looniness, but let's take things one step at a time here (I'll talk about Kanye in my This Week in Hip-Hop post on Arteest's blog). 

Now, this whole "Reyna/Reina at UMD" thing hit a fever pitch for a minute after she popped up (and even more so after this Vine). I'm talking people that usually would give two types of fucks (that's none and no) about some random UMD chick started thirsting for her, hitting her up, planning to fuck her lifeless corpse (that was an actual tweet from some rapper dude), and so on (Ed. Note: in 2016, you've got MTO and BlackSportsOnline covering her escapades because, well, things happened and craziness ensued because you don't just call yourself a queen of nudes only to be a prude, I guess). It was like Becca Martinson--if Becca Martinson was a cute biracial chick with a "DAYUMMM!"-caliber booty that squeezed some other decent-looking girl's tit while making out on Vine. Now, we know that she's a human being, real, and probably a Terp of some sort (we still don't know if UMD is a set thing; we have no true confirmation other than the friend saying it). But you've kind of got to wonder what's the motive, the point? 

As I've said, I applaud her for getting people talking about a seemingly innocuous UMD freshman. It's viral marketing at its finest. She's obviously smart, because she gives people just enough to "tide them over" until she returns, kind of like a sexualized "lonelygirl15" (Remember her?). She'll post things, then potentially retweet a response here or there, but she tends to avoid conversing with people. Now, if Reina--or whoever's behind "Reina" (if you're one of those types) turns this into some crazy loot, then hu-fucking-zzah! Seriously, because it is incredibly hard to go viral and then transition viral buzz into real fame. It's even harder to create, if "Reina" is actually an actor playing a fictitious person, a lonelygirl15-like persona in 2013 versus 2006.

I do, to a degree, find it hard to believe that she's just posting photos of herself just for shits and giggles, especially in this hyper-invasive day and age.

But, what will this sort of thing teach us? Simply put, sex sells, and as much as we attempt to run away from sexualized imagery and sex itself, it's still there. So what shall we do about that? Embrace it. That's not to say "hey guys, let's all get drunk and fuck everyone and everything." Never that. I mean, as people, we know that sex exists and that it is prominent in our society. Instead of "slut-shaming" individuals like Reina, we can use these images to talk about our bodies, our feelings, our society as a whole. Hell, that may be what she's trying to do through the Vine and photos. That's probably in addition to, you know, not giving any sort of fuck and getting her jollies jollied.

Now, I'm not out here "caping" for this young woman. That's absurd and, if you do, you're potentially borderline delusional yourself (Ed. Note: in an update to this piece, I can firmly say that "caping" is completely out of the question in any way). However, we can all stand to be a bit more open about sex and stop placing such a stigma on it. It's a natural thing. Sometimes, it even happens outside of marriage. Our Puritanically-based society makes for sheer fuckery when it comes to sex, which is sheer irony considering the amount of (often misrepresented) sex on our televisions, radios, and so on. But, I'll get off my soapbox so you can go back to the Vine and jack your little two-inched schlong off.

Peace and Love,

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