Exclusive Information on @VicRippa's New Project

After yesterday's #Sorry4TheWaitRadio post, I got a message from Vic on Twitter. Naturally, I asked if he was working on something new. And, naturally, he told me about something new, something destined to turn the world of Vic Rippa on its head. With that said, I'm honored to announce some exclusive information about his new project, with some pretty sick cover art.

The new project, Dope Reagan, is slated to drop sometime in early 2014. Featuring sole production from Drumma Box Productions, the seven-to-ten song EP will showcase a new era in Vic's progress as an artist. Judging just off the cover, it's going to be a lot different than his earlier works, and should be a project to check out when it drops. It'll be interesting to see how Mr. "No Fans, Just Friends" tackles this album, just because there are several ways he could go--and that's not even counting the cliched ones. Keep your eyes open.

Vic Rippa on Twitter
Drumma Box on Twitter

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