DK aka Wayne Watts - Inside the Windows Documentary

As many of you've come to know, I am a graduate of the University of Maryland. So, as a Terp, I'm always willing to give back to those that helped me along the way. Within reason, of course, because I don't want to promote someone's music and it's complete ass. Anyhow, I'm about a week late on this one, but here's a peek inside the window (I had to) of UMD alumnus (and Denver transplant with B'more still on his mind, hopefully) DK aka Wayne Watts's new release, the upcoming Windows Theory. For those that aren't familiar with Wayne's work, it's a nice intro to where he's coming from. To those that are, it still give some extra insight into the guy who, for me, will always be remembered for the one track "Pump Yo Brakes" at Juke Joint (Sorry, Wayne. That track'll forever stick out in my mind).

For those interested in aiding Wayne's efforts, check out his GoFundMe campaign.

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