7vnseal - Stop The Invasion

Let me start off by saying that I'm not exactly a master of Christian hip-hop. I know Lecrae and those types, but I've never been too deep into the underground Christian rap scene. And, honestly? In some ways, I engage in a lot of un-Christian behavior. So, when the homie 7vnseal (Seven Seal) came to me to check out his new release Stop the Invasion, part of me was kind of like "oh word?" But, while I'm not a big Christian rap fan, I do know story-driven hip-hop.
And this album, an underground Christiancore (is that a genre?) take on spreading the word from this former Killarmy-affiliated artist, is story-driven. From beginning to end, the story of 7vn's plight to spread The Word is documented as a war. And, while I didn't always agree with the way some things were said, I always applauded him for standing by it or giving an explanation as to why he felt that way--such as his discussion on homosexuality and how that relates to him as a Christian man. Also, not to play the spoiler, I'll just say that you've got to check out the song "Tears of War."

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