Why the internet is a great thing.

Dear internet, as much as you piss me off with your random memes, social networks, and all that tomfoolery, sometimes you actually make me happy. I think I've finally found something to surpass the AJ Lee ass gif(s). BEHOLD! Las Cheekies de Ariana! It's probably bad for me to want to do sex with her because she looks all young and stuff. But, dammit, she's 20! And she was rumored to have some self-love going on on IG. And, well, if Mariah can get swasted and fuck BTNH, I'm sure Ariana is only a couple shots away from going down on Speed* Now, since she's only just turned twenty, the amount of giffy goodness is not as bountiful. Plus, she's still not Miley. In other words, she still seems to have a soul (adultery accusations aside). And, well, the only other pink-haired person I've ever wanted to do explicits with? Pinky. So, if the homie can't make it, I'd be more than happy to make her glad she came. 

*in my dreams, of course.

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