This Week in Rap ( Edition)

Greetings, all. So, since I decided to do things a bit different on Thee Arteest this week, I figured I'd drop a bit of "This Week in Rap" on, considering I did an interview with Trae Harris of Newlyweeds on Arteest's blog. (Go check that out, by the way) Also, be sure to check out #TeamDARRadio Tuesday nights at 11PM, over at Thee Arteest at least once a week, and be sure to check out #SONGSFOR817Hell, you can even stream it on this very blog.

Triple - "Special" (Prod. Andrew James)
Long-time readers of will remember my interview with Triple, who's since dropped the Stu Madoff guise a bit. His new track, "Special," sees Triple getting his Rich Homie Quan on over a hypnotizing beat produced by newcomer Andrew James. Mr. "Future Kike Anthems," (his words, of course, not mine) here shows us that some of the things other cats think are once-in-a-lifetime, they're nothing new to him and his team. I guess that's just how it is in the Five Towns. The vibe of the song combined with Triple's sleepy delivery create a track that's pretty mellow, but still grabs your attention.

Rich Homie Quan - "A Nigga"
On another note, I'm still laughing (to a degree) about this RHQ/Future beef. Rappers are beefing over stealing styles, but both of them wouldn't exist in this regard if it wasn't for T-Pain, Wayne, etc. But, for the sake of discussion, here's RHQ's "A Nigga." Recorded over a Kevin Gates instrumental from his Stranger than Fiction tape, Quan tells people, again, why he hates Future. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Now, whether or not the beef is legitimate isn't what I'm here to talk on. These cats aren't paying me, so I give no fucks as to whether their beef is legit. But, musically, this song is trash. It's not even on some "oh, this strikly fo' my street niggas" shit. He airs some grievances, but the song itself is trash.

Future's star, however, is still looking a bit dimmer than it did a couple weeks ago.
Future, don't keep losing. We need your autotuned, hood falsettos to get a couple women a night to swoon for us.

Hyperactive - "Rap God (Remix)"
I'm sticking with the indie vibe on this one. Now, I know you've all heard Almighty Messiah White Rap Jesu--I mean Eminem's--new song "Rap God." As True God and I discussed on TeamDARRadio, it's a decent song, but it's nothing special. The beat's horrible, the flow's great, the lyrics aren't really saying shit, and it's just...not really all that impressive aside from his alliteration. I am a pretty big Em fan, so I'm not just talking out of my ass for views. That's what those "other" bloggers do; I do research. Anyhow, in comes UK underground rapper Hyperactive. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of "industry remixes," even though I've done them. But, nevertheless, the guy goes in. Kudos to the young man from the UK.

Charron - "The One Where He Shits on BET and the BET Cyphers"
I'll just let him speak. He kind of shits on people. I guess Corey Charron Didn't Lie To Our Face(s).

Speaking of BET Cyphers...

Kendrick Lamar's Verse (Because No One Cared Much About the Rest of the TDE Cypher)

He went kind of "Rap God" on this. It had some great moments, and Kendrick showed that he's one of the Heir Apparents to the Crown. However, as with "Rap God," K dot kind of just spat alliterating lines and the like just to show his prowess. Besides, the best moments (the high-five and the Drake/Papoose/Meek/Cassidy lines) were spoiled. Nevertheless, Kendrick had the verse of the night and completely made people forget about Travis Scott's monstrosity (and his "I only like white girls who got black butts" line). That is, until Travis said this:

And on that note, I'm out. If you listened to #TeamDARRadio, True and I discussed Big Pun's "Dream Shatterer." If you've never heard you go. Some of the

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