A New Entry into the SOTB.com Rap Fail Hall of Shame

I told @TrueGodImmortal that I would post this one of these days and I am. Now, I know it's borderline ironic for someone that prides himself on "No-Fi" production (even if he has a legit reason behind his production) to clown someone else musically. But, I've another entry in the SOTB.com Rap Fail Hall of Shame. Joining artists such as Cosmo Jones is today's video from the "Weave Factory."

I'm pretty sure it's not that sarcastic. So, hipsters, put away those finger mustaches.

The main girl in the video, Morgan Camper, actually pursued a music career at some point, has done some modeling work, and acts. Some would call that the "Holy Trinity of WTF Should I Be Doing With My Life." I call it "ambition," but she probably should worry about the afro puffs she's growing under her arms before she drops 'dem bars. If you've always wanted to see a homemade rap video with a black woman rapping about how much she loves her weave, but were too ashamed to ask--or were too "liberal" and didn't want to seem racist, here you go. 

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