True God - "Piece of Me" (Prod. by Speed on the Beat)

I told you that today would be a hell of a day for everyone. So, as the proper way to kick it off, I've been granted permission from my brother True God to be the first to post his new single "Piece of Me." In what may be True's most emotionally open track to date, he sheds light on three individual cases of love lost, love gained, love abused, and reflects upon his own demons. Aided by production from yours truly, "Piece of Me" is a track that's somber, but celebratory in some regards. As his upcoming album Soul Revival 2 details his "search for peace," I've got to say kudos to the man for finally coming to terms with some of his soul; it's quite the "surreal" song, given some of True's recent developments. Speaking with True while he was coming up with the ideas for the song, he wanted to bear his soul on this--and other tracks from the album--as that was something he shied away from, to a degree, in his last release DOA. While DOA was more of a militant-sounding record, Soul Revival 2 is shaping up to fall more on a good kid, m.A.A.d city-type of vibe. That's to say that it's reflective, introspective, and revolutionary. That's me being objective. If I were subjective, I'd say it was going to be the greatest album of all-time and that nothing, and I mean NOTHING would matter after hearing it. And, before you ask, no, there won't be a No-Fi King/#TeamDAR remix. Out of respect for the message, True has asked me--and every other artist potentially interested--to let it breathe.

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