@TripleHView - Rich Off My Yichus

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Triple (a/k/a Stu Madoff) dropped his Rich Off My Yichus mixtape a few days back. The mixtape does show bounds of improvement, and features some rewind moments (and no, they don't have to do with his plentiful use of "the k-word" in his Stu Madoff persona). It's part GFID, part-Weird Al Yankovic, as we are in on the joke about Stu Madoff. One of my favorite tracks is "Stay Thirsty," a late-summer cruising jam that samples the Dos Equis commercial theme. Here Triple effortlessly boasts and brags, but downplays the Stu persona. The kid has a pretty decent ear for beats, such as the "Find Your Love"-sampling "You Don't Listen." The collection ends with the previously featured "6000000," which is apt, considering the rest of the tape. It's jarring, but it explains the persona of "Stu."

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