Speed's Mini-Reviews: The Sh*t I Guess I Missed (Volume One)

Greetings, all (time to bring that back here).
So, seemingly, in the past couple weeks, I've missed a few submissions. My bad, guys and girls. So, with that said, I'm going to speak on a few of them. This is "The Shit I Guess I Missed." Just a disclaimer, this one is gonna be a longer post.

First up is @southeastgoonie's new tape Winner's Circle.
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Now, as you know, I've featured a few of SEG's tracks on here before and a few of them are featured on this new collection. The good? He's got a great control of his beats. He's comfortable. The songs, while they can lack on diversity, topic-wise, are great anthems and great "I'm gonna ride around about to get into shit and blast this shit"-type of songs. The bad? Well, most of the beats (while great) have tags all over them. It really took me out of the vibe of the project. But, if you can deal with a bunch of producers' random drops/tags fucking up your listening experience every 30-45 seconds, I'd recommend it. If you can't? For real, I'd stay away. That's not a knock on SEG's raps, mind you--more so a knock on the lack of untagged beats. (Insert shameless plug here) 

Next, we stay in DC with @BrickBoyPanama and @DreeTheDrummer's Underrated tape.

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Now, while I've got to raise an eyebrow at the claim of "best rapper/producer duo in the game"--mostly because of my own work with the homie True God--it's a solid debut. One of the things I told Paco when he first sent over tracks was that some of his tracks, while showcasing potential, sounded too Future-like--which sometimes limited his own voice's ability to shine through. That said, I prefer when Paco raps without the Auto-Tune, but he can craft a chorus and a captivating song. It's really mainstream-friendly, so hipsters, stay away. No, but seriously, Underrated is radio-ready in a lot of different aspects. Catchy lyrics and choruses paired with trap beats and "real talk" a 2013 radio hit make. 

Thirdly, we've got @J_Nolan's Distinction.

I first came in contact with J when I received a copy of his (at the time) new song for review from NikkiSiixx and was told to stay on the lookout for his full-length mixtape. Some names that come to mind when discussing J. Nolan are that other J and Lupe Fiasco. On this release, he lives up to that. As with his track "Fortified MC," Nolan offers rap that's hardbody without being profane. If you're in the mood for something on some "chill but alternative" shit, akin to early Lupe or even--dare I say it?--ATCQ, take a listen. Even if you're not, check it out.

Fourth, we're given @Dev_Amil's "Show Me Love" feat. @iam_BenFrank.

Although about a year old, and a remake (in some ways) of the classic "This Can't Be Life," the track has some redeeming qualities. It sounds like that "old school NYC shit," not just because of the beat, though. I'm partial to "that ol'-school NYC shit," so it gets a mention on the blog.

A dranker's anthem, "IM HIGH (PURPLE)," is up next from @GMILLAA

The track makes me just think about a mix between H-Town rap and Too $hort. Enough said. It's infectious as hell, by the way.

Finally, Ad-vice offers up a huge track, "Checkered Flag."

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