@RealLilScrappy - "Trayvon Martin"

I'm not really sure how to feel about this one. On one level, it's one of those "yo, look at me. I'm doing an 'anthem' of the times" tracks rappers try to do to keep their name in mouths and heads. On the other hand, it provides a bit of social commentary on the realities of the world in 2013. On another, it's just not really that good--even though Scrappy tries to go all Tupac on this one. An auto-tuned chorus about Trayvon Martin claiming "I can do anything I want" isn't exactly "Brenda's Got a Baby," or even "Bitch Bad" for that matter. People will probably shit on me for saying that this isn't good. But, while I respect Scrappy's step out of his comfort zone--and his talk about real issues--the song just isn't good.

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