Raheem DeVaughn x Styles P - "Trigga Man"

The Neo-Soul Hippie drops a new song speaking on the acquittal of George Zimmerman for his involvement in Trayvon Martin's murder--and the Jordan Davis murder. This track is reminiscent of a What's Going On-era Marvin Gaye. While I feel the song could've done without Style's verse (Sonically, it comes off a bit clunky; lyrically, it has potency, but Style's delivery here hinders his verse), "Trigga Man" is by far one of the better songs on this situation. Why? It isn't "I HATE YOU ZIMMERMAN! FUCK YOU RAWR IMA KILL U FOR KILLIN TRAYVON MARTIN!!!!" and actually approaches the situation with tact. (Yes, I know that tact sometimes needs to go out the window in the face of social injustices, but sometimes, the most tactful approach is the best) As I said, it reminds me of a Marvin Gaye-type of song, and we know that Marvin was one of the better practitioners of the protest song (even disguising some as "anthems")

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