Rap Smarks - An Epidemic

H/T to 4CRWrestling for this meme
Back in the day, trolling rap fans were just called trolls. But, trolls began to be celebrated. Then, they were called snobs. But, snobs also began to be celebrated. Most of these snobs graduated to "hipster" status after a while, some using troll-like qualities to make their hipster-ism seem cool and different, "ironic" even.

I propose a new name for fans that intentionally vote down good music because it's not what's in the club, or people who shit on club music because it's not "smart enough." Taking a page from one of my other passions, I propose we start calling these characters "rap smarks." For those unaware, a smark is a person, in professional wrestling terms, that knows that the action is scripted, reads WrestlingINC for spoilers and everything, but still suspends belief a bit to be entertained. I do this every time I watch WWE RAW and cheer for Daniel Bryan.

This is akin to a rap fan knowing that Rick Ross isn't a drug dealer, but likes Maybach Music songs because they have redeeming qualities (when they're not talking about Molly or Gerry Sandusky a la "UOENO" and "Maybach Music IV," respectively). Or, like a Nas fan who knows he isn't exactly rich--nor the only person that can speak on black people and the plight. They know this, but they'll still listen to "You Owe Me" or quote something from Illmatic as being "that real shit."

But, often enough, these smarks intentionally shit on the product they're presented in a hope to be seen as clever. Just as you'll see people in music shut down a Kendrick Lamar, but praise a Keef--or inversely, praise a Lamar and shit on a Keef. It's all music. It's all, to some degree, entertainment. I'm not saying "hey, you! Fuck your opinion." I'm saying "hey you, if you've a legit opinion and you're not trying to ruffle feathers/get your e-jollies, by all means, let's discuss." If not?

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