SOTB Throwback Interview: @Betta_Mo

Originally posted 3.25.10

Greetings, all.
Now, like I said, I promised to have exclusive reviews with some of the participants of the UMD March Madness Charity Battle going down March 30th, 2010. Here is the first of (hopefully) many interviewees, Mo Betta.
Mo Betta is a DMV-raised artist [and activist] who, according to his Myspace and his music, would probably most accurately be approached as a "Christian rapper." However, the religious overtones do not prevent him from coming with some of the hardest and realest lyrics and instead result in a mix between street smarts and hopefulness for the future.
I’ve been following Mo Betta for quite some time over on Twitter and have engaged in a couple of conversations over there, mostly (from what I can remember) about the state of hip-hop.
When asked about how he first started recording, Mo Betta responded that when he was growing up, “[he] [always listened] to rap [and] was always reciting Pac lyrics.” As he got older, he transitioned this love for lyricism into poetry, writing two poems that his mother came across. She submitted these poems, ultimately getting them published. Mo, while still coming down from the high of having his work published, had someone suggest that he record his poems to music. Seeing that they were already rhyming poems with 16 bars a stanza, it fit perfectly and from there, we were introduced to Mo Betta.
Citing “Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Scarface and Eminem” as influences, Mo’s first battle was, believe it or not, with the CEO of the label that he’s signed to right now. According to Mo, they met in a cypher. After a while, said cypher turned into a four-hour battle between the two, ending with Mo walking out with a record deal.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a contender right there. Stay tuned for more updates as I get them.
To contact Mo Betta, hit him up on Twitter at @Betta_Mo or visit him Myspace page at

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