Sinitus Tempo retires?

Seems like DMV superproducer and avant-garde artist Sinitus Tempo may be hanging it up.

I'm not trying to start anything, but if it's true, this is big news for his fans and observers of the DMV music scene. Always the humble type of guy (even in possible retirement), Nathan "Sinitus Tempo" Peters burst onto the scene as a teen prodigy of sorts. He's worked with a lot of artists in the area and worldwide. In my conversations with him, he's always had knowledge beyond his years (granted, he's a year or so younger than me, but knowledge knows no age limits.) The self-proclaimed otaku made a name through utilizing jazz samples and anime-esque flips in his production (and admittedly inspired me to start utilizing them in my works).

Best of luck in everything, man. If this is it, you deserve it. Best of luck in your future endeavors. I'll always remember that Cowboy Bebop remix album you did with Obii Say.

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