Shy Glizzy x Lightshow - "Very Rare" Review

H/T to @JUKEBOXDC for posting the song.

Shy Glizzy states on the new track "Very Rare" featuring Lightshow that "it's very rare you see two niggas come from here [with their] names buzzin' everywhere." It's true, possibly because of the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality spoken on by other DMV-raised artists, that it's on some Halley's Comet shit when the area allows for more than one artist (not named Wale) to pop up and gain recognition. It could just also be that the DMV is full of rappers, myself included because of my residency, and more often than not, they'll get brushed under the rug. 

Anyhow, before I go on yet another dissertation about the DMV music-sphere, the new track "Very Rare" is what'd you expect from two of the more-established names in the area. The beat drives home every word, Glizzy and Lightshow fail to disappoint on punchlines and subdued ferocity in their bars, and while a bit "it's what you'd expect to hear," the track still, for a lack of a better phrase, goes. It reminds me most of those summers in the late 2000s when you'd have nothing but Gucci-esque artists dominating the mixtape game. No, that's not a dig at Shy or Lightshow, so put some bread in those toasters. It's more so a nice throwback for me to hear a track like "Very Rare" today, and I'm looking out for their respective next efforts.

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