Post 101 (No Dalmatians)

The purpose of this'll be explained in a few.
For post 101, I'd like to take a bit of a breather from reviews, plugging my own team's tracks, and talking about strippers. I've blogged, in some form, for about ten years. My first blog predates even my dealings with Ms. Pink Jacket. However, this is the first time that I've actually begun a "branding process" with all things Speed on the Beat. As you may've noticed via Twitter, I've finally set up a Speed on the Beat Gmail account. That's for a couple reasons. First, as I mentioned, it's for branding purposes. Secondly, it's just because my music-related emails are getting mixed in with my personal and non-SOTB business emails. That's never good. Additionally, as I've spoken about with True, since this is the Era of the Unhinged Speed, I might as well make the best use of my skills and talents. In other words, go hard or go home. No Traci Braxton. That is all. Now, let's get back to the music, fuckery, and awesomeness you've come to expect from

Speed on the Beat

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