Kanye West - "Yeezus" in (Technically) Three Hundred Words

My response to those bound
to be pissed off at me.
Yeezus is grating and jarring, utilizing lo-fi production and turning most levels up to 12 (when normally, they'd be at about 5). It's "abstract"-friendly, meaning that it's not a great album--in fact, in some moments, it's barely passable. But those that call themselves "experts" on hip-hop music will consider it the greatest album of all-time (especially because of the Chief Keef-aided "Hold My Liquor") It's ambitious, and contrary to my tone, does have some really great segments. For instance, "Blood on the Leaves" may be one of my favorite songs this year. But it fails ultimately because it tries too much, too often, and attempts too hardly to be minimalistic, "artsy," and aggressive. It doesn't tell a story more so than presents us with about ten tracks that don't really have a connection other than they showcase Yeezus Christ in various states of being pissed.

I've heard critics compare this to In Utero. I see the comparison. Both albums are self-deprecating while still being serious. Both albums deal with, in some ways, the descent of men who don't/didn't know how to/didn't want to handle being the so-called (albeit quite cliched) "voice of a generation." But, Nirvana created a classic album while still doing things differently, and more abrasively, than on Nevermind and their pre-In Utero albums. Kanye, as he said himself, created an album that you'd probably talk about for this summer about how different it was. But, three years later, when everyone is doing no-fi/lo-fi shit to their music and copying off of something I've done for almost a decade myself people will think back on Yeezus and say "ok, this was different. Thank you Kanye for trying something different and say 'hey, fuck your expectations.' But, this just isn't that great of an album."

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