"Just Can't See Myself (Miss Music)" Now on iTunes (Updated)


Well, that was fast. Thanks CDBaby. 
As always, a portion of all proceeds from sales of "Just Can't See Myself" will go to charities in the DMV area and to the Jovanni M. Speed College Fund. A bit more about "Just Can't See Myself"--a bit that I didn't cover in the first write-up about the track. "It was Maranda, may she rest in peace that told me subtlety that I should go and revive the hear" is a line that serves a double purpose. First, as with my "City Forever" reference in "Truthful Revelations," it's an homage to a fallen friend. Secondly, it does what I should have done years ago--thank said fallen friend for inspiring me to do this music thing again. In some ways, "Just Can't See Myself" is a tribute to Maranda, only because of her part in my musical endeavors. In other ways, it's even more than that. It pretty much condenses the first two albums (#RAQUEL RELOADED/One Year Later and the upcoming Songs For...) into about four minutes, acting as a summary of my life and my music.

Peace and blessings.
-The No-Fi King, Speed on the Beat

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