Jay-IDK - "Shotty Mouth"

I'm probably about to be crucified by "real rap" fans (and the #HXLYTribe Movement), but as impressive as this video is, all it does is distract you. From what, you may ask? Well, lyrically, the song "Shotty Mouth" is a run-of-the-mill "non-mainstream" braggadocio track. There are moments of lyrical niceness (ex. "more shots than a model chick with a Tumblr," the use of gunshots to talk about money shooting women/dumping women after they serve "their purpose" in the song's world/how he takes a shit up on the beats, "I'm tighter than a box with four locks in Fort Knox while guarded by four cops," the [over?]use of words that rhyme with "monsta" to punctuate his bars) but they're made even more so because of the visuals. I do like his, in so many words, sophisticated ignorance to prove a point. And the sample helps the beat transcend basic re-invented boom-bap.

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