Fly Rebel Society - "Tokyo Tower" and "All Night"

I don't usually receive tips from other bloggers, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis make sure I check them out. We blogger-types have to stick together, especially if we're all music bloggers. We don't have to always agree with each other, but we've got to stick together. Anyhow, Kumbayah session aside, I've to give a huge shoutout to @DMVixen for sending this one over. Hilariously, it was after I reached out about "Just Can't See Myself." See, putting in work gets you places, guys. 

Now, first of all, the group is composed of five members of the DMV music scene (Lega-c, Ryda Black, Cooley, TeeJay, and godlymC). And each member brings something different to the proverbial table scene. I'm a sucker for unity (especially when it's organic. H/T to the #TeamDAR family), so the thing that gets me about the tracks I've posted is how each member on the songs complements but also supplements the other. Their instrumental selection is superb, mainly because of its diversity. All in all, as an artist, I'm keeping tabs on them so I know where I need to take my own team next. Also, I'm the type that loves teamwork and camaraderie. Any artists that genuinely exhibit that and don't allow egos to overtake them? They get my approval. As a critic, I enjoyed the songs and encourage you all to check out their mixtape The FRESH Effect.

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