enimaL - "The Amalgamation of enimaL" Review

"Good kid in a city that's m.a.a.d/not Kendrick Lamar, but my city's as bad."
-enimaL, "Legendary"

Now, for those that don't know, before Issa Rae was doing "ABG," one of her pet projects was "The F Word," which I actually had the privilege of being one of the first to review and screen. It was part-"Flight of the Concords," part-"The Office," part-"ABG" for Men, the series lasted for seven seasons broadcast between 2010 and 2012. Featuring rap group The Fly Guys (a hip-hop outlet from Los Angeles, California, composed of rappers Tone, DJB, and enimaL), it was one of my favorite webseries. Since beginning the series, the group has put out several efforts--solo and otherwise.

This is the story of one of those efforts.

The Amalgamation of enimaL is a collection that features some of that good ol'-fashioned "something for everyone" approach. Featuring tracks that range from the "soulful, I'm gonna spit my shit" of the intro track "Pop Off On 'Em" to the "Hey, girl you sexy, let's get high and bone" of "No Cameras (feat. Tone)," I think it's a great album. Why? Well, looking back at "The F Word," the show was a mix of the serious and the comedic. That philosophy seeps onto this album. Yes, there are points where some of the tracks lag, such as the track "Stacking Paper Up." The track kills the vibe that was built up from the two tracks before it, mostly because it seems a bit misplaced. In addition, while enimaL delivers some great bars, the production on some tracks is subpar. But, overall, the philosophy that made "The F Word" such a great series helps keep this album afloat even in moments of weakness. 

Recommended Tracks:
Pop Off On 'Em

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