Daniel Bryan is Over. Now what?

Ok, enough of the hippity-hop for a second.

Now that Daniel Bryan is possibly the most-over (full-time) WWE performer not named John Cena, what happens?
Well, it won't be this. Hopefully.
We've this rumored Bryan/Cena faceoff at Money in the Bank, which is great because I'm a D-Bry mark possibly a great idea because it could have Cena putting Mr. Yes/No over even further and cementing Vince and Company's faith in The Bearded One. Again, the guy is getting over with the casuals for his comedic timing, the hardcores with his actual storytelling, and everyone in between because of the "YES!"/"NO!" shirts, his history with CM Punk/Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/whoever else from ROH he's faced off against recently, his early-2012 storyline with AJ Lee, and so on. But, what if that isn't the move that we're given? Then what happens to the real-life Bryan Danielson? Here are some possible solutions to keep him in the spotlight, all Bleacher Report-style, minus the slideshows.

1) Have Kane go heel, feud with him and put him over: it doesn't have the same buzz as going up against Cena, but it's tried and true. It also happened last year as a continuation of the AJ Lee storyline.

2) Avoid sticking him with another Diva-heavy storyline: Speaking of AJ--listen, I love AJ Lee and would probably do sex with her until the cows came home have pleasure time with her if ever given the chance (this is, of course, after nerding out re-watching Arrested Development Season Four and reading comic books. I'm a nerd, she's a nerd, let's make that happen). But, Daniel Bryan, as a performer, got his (non-Nexus/Team WWE-related) big break because of a Diva-heavy storyline. And, as it went on, it got excruciating to watch, only because of the many, many, many levels of AJ Lee's character and how WWE almost forced her on us, Cena/Rock II-style. I don't want that again.

3) Have him face off against Dean Ambrose for the US Belt: Again, it's not meteoric like Bryan/Cena, but it is a storyline that's already written, it'd make the IWC happy (kind of) and it--if VKM and Co. don't have as much faith in DB leading the WWE at the current moment--keeps him in the wings, but keeps him out of the main spotlight.

4) CM Punk, anyone?: Similar to the Dean Ambrose suggestion, except it wouldn't be for a title. But, as with Kane, it's a sense of deja vu. Also, how many times can we see Punk take on Jericho/Bryan/Cena/Rock? Give them all some new opponents.

Although, just like Ambrose, it'd be an awesome IWC-friendly match...
5) Have him go heel: Dear IWC, turning a wrestler heel is not always the best solution (unless you're maybe John Cena or Randy Orton). The End. Not everything you suggest is all that great/logical/good.

Although...in that year plus, how many PPVs did he main-event?
6) Have him feud with Ziggler for the WHC: Ziggler and Bryan put on clinics. It helps keep the WHC relevant--again--and gives Ziggler something to do until that oft-thought of Big E. Langston feud. Plus, it gives Bryan something to do until he challenges for the WWE Title.

7) Use him as a Jericho-type: Show up, put on epic matches, put other person (as long as it's not Cena) over, leave, repeat.

8) Just throw caution to the wind and give him the WWE Title: Why not? I mean, it's not like he's overly green to the WWE system anymore, it's not like it'd be an out-of-nowhere push, it's not like the guy hasn't worked his ass off, etc. And, it's not like he's been shoved in the audience's face (Ryback?) Sure, Zack Ryder has worked his ass off to get over, too. But, "WWWYKI" is, well, it's kind of boring/annoying (let's hope that revamp of Ryder's character gets rid of that)


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