@antpam14 - "U'ont Know It Yet" [Snippet Review]

@Antpam14 releases his newest track "U'ont Know It Yet." Thankfully, it's not another "UOENO" remix, but an original composition. Things that I fuck with about this track? The flow and the vibe. It's a simple song, but it accomplishes what it needs to. Things that I'm kind of meh about? The beat. It reminds me way too much of a circa-2009 Brick Squad beat. "But Speed," you're probably thinking, "why are you focusing so much on the beat?" Well, it's simple. In an instance where the song itself is alright and a bit by-the-book lyrically and vibe-wise, the beat needs to help make the song stand out. By hearing the track over this beat, I'm left wondering a few things, most of which devolve down to "what's next?" Again, it's not really a bad song. But, it feels even more pedestrian with the use of the beat.

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