Travis - "Hold Up OK" (prod. by Will A Fool)

Received this one on my Twitter TL.

I'm not too familiar with @Travis2Wild, but the song has a lot a potential. For an artist that seems to have just started rapping, Travis still has a relatively okay grasp on flow and the like. There are several segments where he tries to fit too many words into a bar, and the flow becomes quite cringeworthy. Overall, though, it's an alright work-in-progress type of track, if this is indeed his first couple efforts to record. It doesn't entirely make me want to go "dude, stick to [whatever you're doing besides rapping]." The beat holds this song together, however, just because it keeps it from getting too out of whack.

Sonically, it is a bit jarring. It sounds a bit as if he did record it in a bedroom and/or the mixed levels weren't as crisp as they should've been. I'm not sure if it was intentional (no-fi, anyone?), but sonically, it's not as pleasing as it could be. Subject-wise, it's a typical "I'm going to get my money by any means necessary" type of track. Again, it's a great first-time-ish effort, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Travis, via Twitter, indicated that his mixtape will feature him on his "serious mode."

For our collective sakes, let's hope that's the case. Otherwise, and I mean no personal disrespect, but I'm going to have to skip it.


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