Taka - "Insane"

Found this one on DMVLife's Soundcloud.

DMV artist Taka (f/k/a Taka Winter) has released his newest track "Insane" a little while back. The cover art'll make you think it's some sort of Tech N9ne-esque track and the spoken intro will make you think of Em.

And that's where the similarities end.

All I can say is that this song has some wordplay that made even me rewind a few times, with a chorus that can actually lend itself to being radio-ready as well. I've heard a bit of Taka's stuff here and there, mainly through DMVLife and I've always liked what I've heard. It seems that, on "Insane," Taka is coming even more so into his own, and less of "just another artist." His flow and wordplay, as mentioned, made me do a few "rewind thats!," so that's always a plus in my eyes.

Taka will be, per his Facebook, performing this Thursday at Liv Lounge at 9PM in a Coast to Coast Mixtape Showcase. If you like this track and others from Taka, go out and show your support.

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