Southeast Goonie ft. 2-Times - "Southeast"

Another SOTB Timeline Submission.

The first thing I've gotta say about this joint is this: it is frantic as fuck! In a "rep your hood" track, that's needed. I mean, if you're taking a person on a ride into your neck of the woods, you want to do a few things:
1) Show that you're proud of where you're from
2) If you're going for a "Murder capital, where we murder for capital" type of vibe, you need to go in on a track and make people say "dayum!" The accompanying video must also show some gritty aspects of the area.
3) Spit bars that make people realize "yo, not only is this cat nice, but there are probably other cats in his/her area that also spit bars," thus exposing the world to your hood.

Southeast Goonie's track "Southeast" does all these, with a bravado that is missing in rap these days. Remember what I said about the frantic nature of the track? Well, it comes into play, for me, in a couple ways. First, it comes out as a desperate cry for the world, in a "It's my time, goddammit" way. Goonie and his featured artist 2-Times show hunger on this track that you can only get if you've been involved in the lyrics in some way, shape or form. Two things distract me from the track, however. First, the tag on the beat. Secondly, the lyrics are so loud and boisterous that this is definitely NSFW-caliber music. I had my speakers down as low as possible, as a test, and I still hear Goonie and 2-Times yelling at me about their hood. Again, not a bad thing. It's a "I'm from [XYZ]" track; that type of energy is needed. I just wish it was toned down just a little bit, so I wouldn't have to explain to someone what "...yeah, I'm bussin' 30s/all I want is brains, bad bitches make me nerdy" means because they heard it through my headphones.

I'm not from Southeast DC, but the track does go.

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