One Year Later Official Artwork

Ok, so here it is. Now, I know a few people (or all of you) are wondering what the fudging fuck does this shit mean in the grand scheme of things. First, the actual thought process of the cover. Originally, I sought to create a minimalist cover art for the re-release of #RR. True and others can vouch for this, as I told them that I wanted it to be representative of my White Album. But, that idea has been done as much as drugs by Lindsay and Amanda. So, instead of making it into another White Album send-up, I decided to make it my own. By incorporating parts of the original #RR album cover, I acknowledge that One Year Later is, in some ways, the So Far Gone to, well, So Far Gone. Of course, this album is nothing like a Drizzy collection, but the comparison must be made for people to understand it.

The scripting of One Year Later is meant to illustrate that this is a collection that, while not the "regal" Speed that people have come to hear on songs such as "Kings," it is the first step in the process of the Songs For Trilogy. That first part, as indicated in the subtitle, is "The Devolution and Death of the Modern Male." The whole analysis of that idea can be found here. Also, by inverting the colors of the original Raquel Reloaded cover, it goes back to the idea that One Year Later is both a revisit to RR, but also something completely different. Finally, by presenting the subtitle in a "ransom note" style, I intended to illustrate that the foolishness, the devolution and "death" of the modern male had abducted me from my true path--and often abducts others from their true, destined path, as we all should be great, but some of us never realize it until it's too late.


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  1. Speed, do you have any music online I can listen to?