(Lady) Jinxxx - "WorldStar" feat. Melony Amirah

A bit of backstory.

I've known Jinxxx for about ten years or so now. We met through some random AOL chatroom back when those were a thing. Right off the bat, it seemed, we started talking about music et al. She was one of the first Baltimore heads that featured me on a track, although my bars admittedly sucked ass. But, she's always been on some next-level/sicker than your average "femcee" ish, and the woman is quite down to earth. It's awesome, though, how I've seen her musically mature since those days of AOL chats and everything and how she's carving her own path to the top.

And now, the music.

"Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat," a young girl says on Baltimore native Jinxxx's newest track from her upcoming mixtape. The aptly-titled "WorldStar" speaks on fuckery and "niggerish moments" that are displayed and perpetuated through social media. I love the bluntness of it. I love the message on the track and Jinxxx's presentation is something like a fine wine. It only gets better with each song she puts out. The message (again, fuckery in social media and how society perpetuates it ad nauseum these days) is a preachy topic, but thankfully, Jinxxx avoids going all "EVERYONE IS WRONG BUT ME!" on the track. That's definitely appreciated and allows for the message to go down a lot smoother.

The instrumental, a bass-heavy track with a whistling melody, is catchy enough that you could find yourself whistling it yourself. However, I found myself getting a bit annoyed by it. I wasn't annoyed enough to get taken out of the song, as Jinxxx's lyrics keep you attached and in tune. But, I was annoyed/distracted enough to say "I wish that it would switch up a little bit." Maybe I'm reading a bit too much into it, but I think the beat is an extended metaphor of the annoyance that social media can present to our lives.

Be on the lookout for her new project.

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