H da Monsta - "I Don't Fuck Wit You" and "Super Star"

The video features a lot of gwop, a lot of "fuck," and a few odd scenes showcasing H da Monsta and who I assume to be his hypeman with mics. As much as I wanted to like this song more, I just couldn't. Perhaps it's an overload of peeping similar songs with similar topics. Perhaps it's the video that throws me off. But, all in all, it's just kind of "ok, this is a track about money and how people don't fuck with the rapper that's reciting the track for one reason or another. What else you got?"

So, I checked out "Super Star" feat. Mimi Montana.

Topically, I like it. It shows another side of da Monsta, one that isn't hung up on gwop and all that. There are moments of stumbles in the track, such as the infamous "too many words in a bar" curse many rappers fall victim to. I think that with this guy, he's confused as where he wants to go musically. He'll spit a clumsy group of lines about having money, smoking, and blastin' niggas, then the next song, he's talking on the repercussions of violence and the like. You can't have both on a 50/50 split like that. Not even Nas can pull it off. Why? Because the overall product the artist puts out, while it is surface-level "complete," comes off as convoluted and contrived.

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