Gasman Da Marvel - "Welcome Home"

Got this one over on my Facebook timeline.

Being around UMD for about seven years at this point, I've ran across a plethora of artists that have made me listen to their music--that also happened to be Terps. From older artists like DK aka Wayne Watts to more recent acts like Kwame Darko, it seems that The Home of The Terrapins is an untapped hotbed for artists that are both unique and mainstream-friendly (Ed. Note: Yes, I am aware that in 2012, I somehow engaged in a one-sided beef with, seemingly, the entire UMD hip-hop scene. That doesn't mean I don't know talent when I see it. Sometimes, you just get blinded with rage that you want to destroy everyone in your path). Hell, you've got everything from people that've worked with bigger artists to a TeamDAR compatriot--and everyone and everywhere in between.

I met Gasman da Marvel (a/k/a Josh) through DrizzleSez when they both worked at one of the bars in the CP area. If memory serves correct, it was something about a crazy ass post-bar party where there were a bunch of people I'd never met before, but one chick was trying to get me to engage in fuck(ery). I didn't know that he rapped until I heard him spit a few bars with "Cluck-U Pac" a/k/a Lee Majors. Now, Gasman, long story short, went to St. Louis for a bit, but still finds his way back to the DMV--hopefully, at one point permanently (Ed. Note: Perhaps I'll let him go more into that at some point). All the while, and through the obstacles he is presented with, he's able to put out some pretty awesome material.

Now, if you know me, you know that I'm a huge proponent of good, lo-to-no-fi hip-hop music (myself, obviously, included). I mean, the No-Fi King appreciates some good, ol'-fashioned "garage rap." Gasman's "Welcome Home" is a track that falls into this category. Riding over a regal, yet smooth sample (I've heard the beat elsewhere, but I can't pinpoint the producer or the sample) like a shot of the world's smoothest cognac, he is able to both vent and reminisce about the DMV. But, that's not the highlight of the song. Even though Gasman tells a story of redemption and renaissance (#SpeedRespectsThat), this song would not be complete without its video. The home-movie editing style showcases a man who has been through the fire and wants to get back to basics, back to his family, back to where he wants--and in his mind, needs--to be. Sure, there are parts that could've been cut out, such as some of the "drinking a beer" scenes. But, all in all, it's a video and a song that tells a story and does so in a way that's engaging and entertaining.

Be on the lookout for Gasman's "Welcome 2 Da Gaschamber Part 3: Stairway 2 Heaven" coming soon.

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